Changes....New Heights and Places....

Life has thrown a curve ball my way and even though it looks daunting to me and am scared of how much would change and how much i would learn to cope with the change i am optimistic and i look forward to the good things that would happen and the challenges i would scale through....All the while thinking of How much Ya Allah is going to Guide me to this new Direction....In Due course i would announce what it and let the world rejoice with me...

The Game of LOVE

Playing games are one of my favorite things to do as regards passing time or just being engaged...I love games that are challenging and at the same time less complex to play. which is why no matter how much effort i put in i just can't seem to understand the game of chess and while i would be very excited to jump at a ludo game or play cards, it would hard to catch me having same excitement for chess because as interesting as it is the whole complexity to it just turns me off.
I love to play Games that challenge me mentally but at the same I love to have fun while playing it.if a game is too easy I would run, if its too challenging I would also run. I love a balanced game but then I have come  to  realize that one of my best games is so complicated it takes The grace of God to help you win. what game am I talking about? its the game of love. In love there are no rules or regulations. what works for Mr A might not necessarily work for Mr B and while someone is getting hurt being in…

Is School Really The best way out?

Growing Up in an average Nigerian home, the drill was to grow up go to primary school, secondary school and then next to the university and study a "professional course" so he could grow up to be independent and learn to fend for himself and the family by felt like it worked and it was the go to way to live life. some of our parents even got jobs before they finished secondary school but sadly the set up is no longer the same in the 21st century....these days even your first degree is almost very useless in securing any job that you are either left with going for your masters or deciding to become an entrepreneur...being an entrepreneur is so popular these days that it if you aren't joining the bandwagon of becoming a COE you were looked at like you were just wasting your life but the truth is some of us just wan to help grow another person's dream for a while before we decide to join the exclusive class of COEs and for some, a steady pay check at th…

The High and Lows of My Wedding Day

I got married 4th of June last year and as much at it was a beautiful day...there were a few things that didn't turn out the way i did and in anticipation to my one year anniversary i would be writing about the highs and lows....let us start with the lows... The reception didn't really go as planned,the MC was hired by my parents so it meant that he listened to them more than he listened to me...i mean i wanted to throw my bouquet but he said no time(can you imagine), i also wanted for i and my husband to play games but sadly that didn't happen as well in fact our reception was more of dancing, taking pictures and more dancing...The lady that decorated the venue was so annoying, even after paying her more than 75%  of the money, she still didn't let me enjoy my day in peace until i had to send her to my mum to give her the money (Kill Joy)The make up Artist left in the morning so i had to just make do with the rubbish that was left on my face like that while struggling…


My mind and head is slightly empty today and i just feel like i need a little time to just get back into the flow but i have been down lately thinking about money, riches and just finally get to the point where money is no longer a problem and mehn, the internet doesn't help that thought process at all..because everywhere you turn it is someone making it or becoming successful and you feel like you are left behind, well the best way is to just stop thinking and keeping pushing and being yourself....i wish i could take this advice myself but then it is a gradual process right....till i write you again PEACE!!!

A smile won't be SMILE

Random Thoughts

It has been a while i dropped my random thoughts or musings on the blog, well that is largely because i have very busy trying to get started on my final year project and also focus on my volunteering activities at my campus radio while being a wife,  daughter and friend to my husband, family and friends. So here goes my random thoughts....firstly, why is being an adult such a difficult thing. i mean you live all your childhood wanting to grow up to make your own money, get your freedom and live in a house you aren't forced to clean but then you eventually grow up and discover what?!! is this rowing up this hard because instead of a stress free life you end in a chaos filled situation where you are expected to be matured and also beginning to think of everyone else but yourself, you make money but cant spend on yourself because majority of the time there are issues bigger than your needs to be attended to. Oh wow...that was so much but mehn i just needed to VENT....*shakes my Head*…

Nigerians and Religion

Lately, there have been a lot of stories about religious leaders having sexual relations with their members or basically not just behaving as the "Men of God" that they claim to be and i have been thinking about this a lot and how much Nigerians have been talking and bashing them and i  just feel like Most Nigerians do not understand the concept of God and spirituality enough. Else all this issues won't be on the front burner. Having a relationship with God goes beyond just going to church or mosque or even respecting Pastor A or Imam B. It is creating your own link and communication channel with the almighty such that you can hear from him directly and talk to him wherever whenever and however. the pastor or imam can only preach it doesn't mean they are the model of what god wants you to be.As a person you should be willing to go the extra mile to recognize who the creator is and what he wants from you once you have that locked down, you don't need to worry or b…