Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Yoruba Proverbs Challenge

I was inspireded by my friend who started her Hausa proverbs challenge on Instagram a few days to the new year, basically it involved her uploading a 1 min video everyday of herself talking about a Hausa proverb, what it means and how one could apply it. i completed mine despite slow network and all the other issues i encountered. so i would be uploading a few of them here.

Day One video....

Day Six video....

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Ushering in 2017 with Mr M

Happy New year to you. May your plans and dreams come through and become better than what you imagined ( ameen).What did you get up to on the new year give mi the gist joor.. Before you give your gist let me tell you mine as a good girl that I am now. Here it goes:
                I ushered in the new year in Lagos this time around which is a contrast to what I have done in the last two years. Usually I crossover into the new year in the  Radio station studio where I volunteer because my boss makes it a big party,  with suya, drinks and music( duh, it is a radio station and we have super dope DJs ) but since I got married and I was in lag is spending the time with Mr M I missed out on the fun at the studios I mean they even had Cake this year. Well as if Mr M knew I was sulking from all the fun I missed in the studio, he decided to take me out and honestly I did enjoy myself but then just a big warning to you please do not attempt going to the malls during the festive seasons oh. Chai, there are people every where bumping into each other like we were in the local market plus seems a few  a lot of the staff took the holiday as well as it was a sea of people standing in queues waiting to be attended to at the food section and the payment. . I wanted to get a taste of their full chicken and we had to a stressful 45mins for it.Mr M got exhausted but me I just imagining the taste and that kept mi grounded for the waiting period and trust mi it didn't disappoint it was worth the wait. I wish I took a picture. Some very loud and lousy woman came at a point and started screaming at the top of lungs as if she wanted the whole store and it was disgusting to say the least. All in all it was a well spent first day of the year.
At the mall, I couldn't resist the lights I mean they were green
Steping out with Mr M

While waiting for the almighty  chicken

PS: Have a good year everyone 

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Lessons I learnt in 2016

2016 is a year that most people won't forget and I am one of those people who can say 2016 was a mixture of a lot of good times and a few downtimes but it was a year where I learnt so much and couldn't believe how much I didn't know about. So in no particular order these are top lessons learnt in 2016.

1.....Love doesn't come when you are looking: I have been dating my husband for 5yrs before we got married and there are a few things I always wanted him to do you know like make me the centre of his world, like showcase me everywhere, like call me like every 2hrs, like tell me am the best thing since slice bread but No Mr M did none of it. He just kept our relationship at the basic level and after complaining for a while I stopped but the surprise came after our introduction in 2015, My husband became the romantic man oh, calling me, telling me how much I mattered and I was like really? Is this my life ,somebody wake me  We got married in june and i can 100% say i was a spoilt wife in all ways as Mr M brought his A game and i guess that was why i grew fat sef * covers face*Moral of this story is love is a funny concept and it doesn't come in the packaging that you want it most times so be patient and watch it work for you finally.enough about love biko.......let's talk something else .....
        The bride herself looking all nice and clean.                          2.....Friends are important and special: I got married this year and I didn't plan on having bridesmaid because honestly I just felt no one would be willing to be on that train as I have always been a one friend kind of person I latter decided to have 6 and then 8 but guess what I ended up with 3 but these girls showed mi love and we had so much I forgot that we were just 4, there was no asoebi but we had fun in our own way and I am sincerely thankful to them and my mum in her motherly way has adopted them as her kids immediately. She kept saying your friends are so nice . Well I am nice too.
My bridesmaid and I

3.... Computer skills: You taught it was only life lessons I learnt well sorry I also did a little of book learning too. During my IT I wanted to spend it at a library but most of the libraries in Lagos where far from where I stay in Lagos so I decided to settle for a computer institute and I learnt a lot of things I could do with my computer system that I felt like I have been Underutilizing my laptop for the longest time possible. It might be basic skills to some people but honestly it meant alot to me and I enjoyed going to that computer school almost everyday and also very grateful for the skills I learnt
Favorite picture from my work place....

4...... Family is super important and should not be taken for granted: I have always valued my family but honestly this year during my wedding I saw how much family was important, I mean my elder brother was literally carrying plates around and sharing food. While my younger brother had to run up and down just to get a better sound system for the traditional wedding when the one we intailly had failed. My younger sister on the hand did so much work and cried so much when I was leaving that she had to get new Glasses for her eyes.
My lovely parents who gave Me the amazing family.

    So in no particular order those are my top lessons learnt and I can't wait for the lessons that 2017 would teach me and I hope they are good ones with a beautiful smile to show for it.

One of my Favorite shots of 2016
Wishing You smiles and more smiles in 2017....

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Monday Motivation

It is a public holiday Yay!....  Well Mr M had to work yesterday and I spent my Christmas alone and it got me thinking what about does who have no families and friends to enjoy this long breaks with. It can be only I tell you but here are a few things I think you can do to kill the boredom.
1. Go out and see a movie or just stroll around your area who knows you might just see something you like or feed your eyes and go back home
2. If there is no enough cash to go out then just sit at home and watch your movies on the cable or your laptop hopefully the power is available.
3. Sleep away your boredom. Yes sleep who knows when you will get this kind of break again so abeg sleep and enjoy your life in dream land
4. You could write that is if writing is your thing
5. Read your school books if you are in still a student or read novels and magazines and before you know it the break is over.
    Have a great day people I am hoping to do number 1 today but just in case it doesn't pull through I will gist you as well. Take care

Friday, 23 December 2016

What's in a Name

Happy Friday and happy Christmas in advance to you. I got into Lagos yesterday to be with my husband for the Christmas break and while I was in the bus the idea of this post popped into my head.
     Names are given to people in order to set them apart, make them unique and cave a form of identity for them. Some end up with names they like, others not so lucky and some indifferent.
   I remember listening to one of my favorite Muslim scholar Mufti menk`s sermon where he said it was the responsibility of the parents to pick the best name for their child. A name that would be nice and not have a disgusting or funny meaning in another language other than the parent's language. I grew up knowing that my name is Rafiat Abosede, Omolabake, Olatorera Akinwande . Infact my dad kept a card containing all the names so one would come up tomorrow to say ha! Raffy your name is something
 I got a new sense of direction and purpose when I discovered the meaning of my name and I started to feel like there is nothing I wouldn't be able to conquer with a name like that and sometimes when I am down and I need the confidence I can't help but call my name to my hearing so I get the needed push to conquer and trust mi before I say jack, I have gotten the needed energy and I go ahead to crush it...
     I am married and I defiantely want kids someday so it does put a little pressure on me to think of the best names for our children. Chai so far all the names me and Mr M have come up with doesn't seem to sit down well with both of us. Is either I like it or he hates it or vice versa but while I ponder let me know if you love, like, hate or are indifferent about your birth name. Til I talk to you again ....stay blessed and have a good weekend.
The added name here is that of Mr M.

My birth name.

PS: Mr M made this with our scrabble board while were still waiting.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Monday Motivation

Waking up everyday is a gift, Waking up everyday is an amazing opportunity to make it and be the best at what ever you dream of. Life might be hard but since you are alive it simply means you still have an opportunity to be successful and have the life that you want and deserve so keep pushing, grinding and enjoying all that comes with being alive and being useful.

                                   Image result for life

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Fashion update

it is another Saturday and as usual i would be giving you an update on my favorite looks of the week. Monday was a public holiday so i didn't really dress up so much. i went out with my friends for a ladies hangout and to just generally talk and gossip  more talk. i really did enjoy it even though it sent me a few thousands back in my account it was totally worth it. Tuesday was my industrial Training defense in school and though it didn't turn out well i did my like my outfit. For Wednesday i decided to go short sleeves for the fist time this semester. So here comes my favorite looks for this week.
IT Defense Outfit

Selfie with the bestie

Short Sleeve top for the win

selfie alone